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Internship FAQ's

1. What is the eligibility criteria for this Internship program?

 Internship Program is for High Schoo Students from 9 to 12 Grade. However 8th Graders who will be going into 9th Grade High School can also apply.

 2. Is there a selection process?

Internship Committee will select top Applicants based on the Merit.

3. Are there any pre-requisites for the program?

 There are no pre-requisites for this program.

 4. What is the work load when the schools are in session ?

 We will be cognizant of Schools in session and School Work. During the School days, work will be lighter and will not interfere with your school work.

 5. What is the method of learning?

Learning will be Team based and Self-paced on Collaborative Educational platforms like edX which are used by the Ivy League Schools and they are proven as the next generation experiential learning platform.

Students will then be asked to apply this learning into real-life Businesses/Startups and iStart Valley related specific assignments. Interns will be earning Volunteer Hours by completing these assignments that count towards the Presidential Awards.

 6. Who else is participating?

Internship program is open for students in High School from all over the nation. Expect to work with High Schooler’s from across the Nation.

 7. Is there a Siblings discount?

iStart Valley is a non-profit organization. Fee that you pay is Tax Exempted. Sibling Discount if paid in full is 10%.

 8. What do Interns need to do to earn Presidential awards at various levels?

Interns work on given assignments during the program. Volunteer hours will be awarded for the completion of the assignments and applied towards the Presidential Awards. Bonus volunteer hours will be awarded based on the quality of work and demonstrated progress.

9. Is it an individual or team deliverable?

Both. Interns will have individual assignments and team based assignments.

 10. Will I be refunded in case I do not want to pursue the program after attending 1st session?

 Refunds will be based on extra-ordinary situations prorated with minimal fee applied.

 11. Do we have the flexibility to pay?

You can make one- time payment of $500 or 2 Installments (1) Deposit of $300 and (2) Second installment of $200 after 3 Months.

 12. Is there a referral Fee?

Yes. You will get $25 for the Referral.

13. When can we see the detailed schedule?

We have published monthly schedule. However, detailed week by week schedule will be made available to Interns after they are selected and onboarded to the program.

14. Can I still register in case I miss the deadline? Is there a late fee?

Send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. explaining your situation. We will get back to you with the possibilities. Typically your spot will be turned over to the next applicant in the rank in the order of the selection by the Internship Committee.

 15. How will my work be measured for various Presidential award (gold, silver, bronze)?

Hours by Award




Teens (11–15)

50 – 74

75 – 99

100 +

Young Adults (16-25)

100 – 174

175 – 249

250 +

Adults (26 and older)

100 – 249

250 – 499







16. What are the take-aways from the Program by the Interns who complete the program successfully?

Most of our Interns atleast earn a Bronze Medal by completing assignements. Below are the Take-aways from the program besides an immersive experiential learning of entrepreneurial life cycle.

- Certificare of Internship by iStart Valley and the Startups

- Certificate of Course Completion by MIT Certified Instructor

- Presidential Service Awards - Gold/Silver/Bronze (Presidential Medal, Certificate Signed by the President and a Thank you note)

- Acknowldgement of Work from Google for Completing/Participating in the Challenge

- Certificate of Completion by Stanford University on Design Thinking.

- Assessment of Interns Entrepreneurial Profile by Gallup