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Mayukh Das

Mayukh Das

Mayukh is a researcher, actor, columnist, community leader and a social entrepreneur. Having served in diverse roles in academia, industry and community service, he extracts thrill from finding new avenues to engage his time and energy. His background in gravitational and high energy physics research pushes him to be detail oriented in all of his endeavors. He holds a PhD in Computational Modeling and a Masters in Applied Mathematics. Through numerous business and information technology consulting roles for clients like the Department of Defense and multiple Blue plans he has helped them realize enterprise goals and vision. He has championed the foundation of more than one social enterprise efforts in the third world countries. He serves on the advisory board of multiple educational and social foundations and relishes his time coaching young brains in practical facets of knowledge acquisition. A tireless student of the game of golf, he likes to spend time on the range or spending a quiet evening with his guitar and friends.


26 March 2015


Executive Committee, Director Membership Growth