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Jonathan Raiti

Jonathan Raiti

Jonathan Raiti is an entrepreneur who specializes in international trade, investment, and economic development projects. Since the late 90's Jonathan has been involved in a wide variety of commercial projects between the US and E. Asia involving industries ranging from the manufacturing and import of precision manufactured industrial components for the automotive, hydraulic, and gas industries to the export of premium craft beers. Jonathan has also taken leadership roles in not-for-profit and local government initiatives to increase international commerce, education, and intercultural exchange. Jonathan has lived in both S. Korea and China and speaks, reads, and writes Mandarin Chinese. He is the founder and President of RZI International Trade and Consulting, a sourcing and supply chain Development Company with offices in Jacksonville, FL and Ningbo, China. Jonathan also hold a IDMA degree from the University of Pittsburgh, UCIS, a BA from Middlebury College, and completed intensive Chinese language training at Xiamen University in P.R. China.


26 March 2015


Board Advisor